Using Your Talon Tru-tips Artificial Full Nail Tips

How Do I Apply Talon Tru-tips?

  1. Clean nails. Remove all traces of polish from your natural nails.
  2. Size full nail tips. With rounded end at cuticle, try several full nail tips. Choose those that match your own nails.
  3. Clean cuticles. Push cuticles back with orange stick. Wash hands to remove any traces of cuticle remover.
  4. Cut nails. Clip and file your nails to the end of each finger.
  5. Apply a coat of ridgefiller to help protect the nail.
  6. Apply Tru-tip nails. If right handed, to right hand first. Check fit before applying. Shape and file cuticle end of the full nail tip if necessary. Begin with little finger. Apply glue to natural nail. Place Tru-tip nail up to, but not over or under cuticle. Press Tru-tip nail straight down. Hold 5 seconds. Press and rub the nail toward cuticle. Remove any glue seepage immediately Repeat for each finger.
  7. Shape thumbnail. File and shape rounded end of thumbnail to match your own. Apply as above.
  8. Test bonding. To test bond, gently twist nail tip. Reglue if it comes loose.
  9. Shape full nail tip. Cut Tru-tip nails in a V to desired length, then cut off sharp point. File and shape.
  10. Repeat. Follow steps 1 through 9 with other hand.


How Do I Remove My Talon Tru-tips?

Remove nails, clean with glue remover tool and reapply weekly. To remove, gently place a nail between the full nail tip and natural nail at the cuticle end. Quickly snap forward under nail tip to break bond. Do not force. Soak in warm, soapy water if necessary. A minimum of four days is recommended before removal.


How Long Can I Wear My Talon Tru-tips?
They can be worn for a few hours or several days at a time.


How Do I Care For My Talon-Tru-tips?

  • Do not use acetone polish remover or Keri lotion
  • Do not expose to flame
  • Do not apply to toenails
  • Do not apply over acrylic nails
  • Keep nails and nail application accessories out of the reach of children


How Do the Sizes Work? How do I find my size?

Sizes are 00 the largest to #8 as the smallest.

What's New?

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