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  Talon Tru-tips are a full nail tip artificial fingernail. Unlike many artificial nails on the market today, Talon Tru-tips are both beautiful and durable.
Talon Sales and Distribution
We believe strongly in the individuals right to privacy.

Our site uses personal information in two ways, both of which are purely voluntary:
  • First, we must have personal information to handle any order or request for material and samples. We provide a secure on-line e-commerce server to handle orders and our Customer Service people handle requests via e-mail, telephone,Fax, or mail. This information is used to process your artificial nail and nail supply orders. Contact information may be maintained to contact customers in the future. This information will not be sold or shared for use outside of Talon Sales & Distribution except as necessary to fulfill an order (i.e. we must provide information to the appropriate credit card company to process the order payment and we must provide name and address to the Postal Service to deliver the order.) .
  • Individuals who elect to be contacted with periodic news and product updates will occasionally be contacted by Talon for those purposes.
Information submitted will not be sold or shared outside of Talon unless compelled by law.

Talon's web servers collect basic information about the use of the site. This information lacks any personal identification and is aimed at understanding in a broad sense how our customers use the site and what they find useful.

We pledge that no unauthorized information will be collected, and the information we do have will be used solely by Talon to better meet the needs of our customers. We will not share or sell personal customer information to other organizations or entities unless compelled by law and we will always strive to assure the security of our business systems and the data contained in them. It is that simple, and we are very serious about upholding our pledge. Please note that in places on the Talon site, there may be links to other sites. Talon bears no responsibility for content or practices of these other separate and distinct businesses. The links are provided because we feel the companies linked to may be of interest to our readers. Talon Sales & Distribution, its owners and any successor companies reserve the rights to amend this privacy statement at any time without notice.

Talon Tru-tips are full nail tip artificial fingernails. Beautiful & durable, you can style these prepainted nails to your taste.

Talon Sales and Distribution
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89084

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