Security and reliability are essential for merchants selling over the Internet. We utilize the skills and services developed by Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. to power our shopping and check-out services with Cartamonga. Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. has years of experience in providing secure on-line e-commerce solutions and their expert staff makes sure the system we use is as secure as current technology allows.

All personal data you provide during the checkout process is encrypted and saved to a secured server. We then use an encrypted connection to retrieve that data to our order processing system.

Our customer service representatives handle each order and credit card payment manually to assure the security and integrity of each order.

Each order is shipped discretely in standard US Postal Service Priority Mail boxes.









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New Product!

Talon Adhesive Dots are a perfect alternative to nail glue for a quick and easy temporary application.

Talon Adhesive Dots
Recommended for Talon Tru-tips

- Penney

Talon Adhesive Dots


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